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Privacy Policy is where we explain how we handle your personal data. Any information we shared is only used to help this site (

Most information is viewed publicly in this site, so if you have chosen to provide us your personal information, you also opt to permit us to transmit your data to our servers. Our server is located in UK and we make sure that what you share with us is safe and protected.

Information we store:

*     IP Address

*     physical contact details

*     e-mail address

*     page view statistics

*     computer sign-in details

*     (sometimes) financial information

*     Standard Web Log Info

*     Website Traffic

*     Ad Data

*     Others

The information above is used for marketing and promotions. Those are also used to provide services to users, to update users, to communicate, troubleshoot, fix issues, encourage safe and secure trading, customize your experience and may other things than can help users.


BigPage uses third parties and cookies in order to support both buying and selling. You can choose to disable your cookies but this might somehow affect you while using our website. These cookies are used in some particular pages in order to provide you your targeted interest, let you put your password less frequently, to promote trust, offer cookie-enabled features and analyze traffic of our site.

Some companies put cookies on our website if we work with them. Your information may be shared to these companies since they also help us with our service. Information is shared to them not for any of their own purpose.


We never rent nor sell any of your personal details to any third parties for any kind of marketing needs. We do not disclose anything without your permission. If ever we disclose any of your personal information, it is only for legal requirements. We would like to let the users know that we prioritize everyone’s rights, safety and property. When you choose to impersonate someone’s identity, we may disclose your personal information to some law enforcement agency.

We may not make full guarantees but we try our best to use the best tools in order to keep your personal data safe.

BigPage Privacy Policy may update from time to time, but your personal information shared to us will always be protected according to this policy.

Privacy Policy Feb. 13, 2016

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